What is Therianism? You have maybe heard of the term. You maybe classify yourself among many Therians. You
Tribal therian symbol scan by archangeluzziel-difbvx

Therian Symbol

may even know your Therian but just want to come to understand it better. All of that you can gain here. This page will help you to gain a better understanding on your inner Therian. You will find this here.

Therians and OtherkinEdit

Well as you probably already know, there is something also called Otherkin, well when it comes down to it, Therianism is the exact same thing, except when you are a Therian, you identify yourself more as animal that exists on the Earthen plain. Whereas Otherkin identify best with animales that only exist in the Astral Realm.

I Understand the Definition, but what is a Therian?Edit

Well, okay. Have you ever felt like you identifyed better with a Cat, or a Dog than with other people sometimes? That is a Therian, Therians are people with animal souls, not human ones (same goes for Otherkin). Examples of Therians;

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Deer
  • Antelope
  • Elephant
  • Birds
  • Foxes
  • Many Many More

These are just some of the types of Therians that exist on Earth, any animal that is not extinct, and still exists on the Earthen level.

How do I find my inner Therian?Edit

In order to finsd your inner Therian, it is the same way was trying to find your inner Otherkin, you can either have a scan done by someone who can, or you can do the meditation as listed below.

First this is to get yourself into a comfortable position where you can relax but not become so relaxed that you fall asleep, close your eyes and breathe deepy until you are relaxed. When relaxed imagine a light blue coloured vortex of energy spinning clockwise, this vortex will take you inside of yourself to the Astral Realm for just a moment to see your Otherkin (or Tharian for Therians), so you can see what you are on the inside. When you feel ready, let the vortex fade away and you should see a green field, and in that field is your Otherkin (agian or Therian), then let the image fade and you come back to reality by opening your eyes.

You will know which Therian is yours when you know and feel a deep bond wirth it.