Therian / Wolf : knowing your wolf topic.

Back in 2011 i wrote this and to my best knowledge this is a good topic / contraversial discussion post i came up with. for people to figure out about themselves. spiritually, physically, and all around that.

Ways to know your of Wolfkin:

1:When looking at dogs or wolves. you generally understand their nature and can at a certain degree, speak to them, and communicate with them. You would feel comfortable being around them and you can work well with groups that all agree with you. you might be the silent type, aggressive or defensive of whats yours and in your "territory". Looking up pictures of wolves and seeing familiarity with the wolves is another sign. The moon might called to you and Silver things attract you. (A silver bullet or knife wont hurt you more than a regular one) But i wouldnt test that. A silver bullet or knife will kill anyone. It is common sense.

2:The Moon. now many people think you turn into a wolf during the full moon. FALSE. you dont. The full moon brings up your inner wolf's (Mind, Personality, etc) Becoming stressed Happy Depressed, easily Angered, etc. Any abnormal mood swings or emotions can hav ea slight conneciton to the full moon. You woul choose to be outside staring at the moon at night if anything. (Howling if your just like that and you have nice neighbors)

3: Your 5 senses are naturally enhanced. Your sight is always better at the night, your prefer meat over most things, your great as smelling and can hear most things ppl cant. Tracking, hunting, being outside, and enjoying nature should come naturally to you. You are a sprinter or endurance runner. (meaning if needed you can run faster than most humans) You are naturally more adapted to your homeland's surroundings. and Adaptive of a person and to others as well.

4: Connections. When coming across other wolfkind. you generally like them, are in tune with your kind. You like the same things sometimes, not always. You have the same personality type, as well as when talking to them, you get along with them, find that trusting them is easy, (sharing food might be a sign) things differ from each person and can be different for everyone. So don't expect to like every wolflike person you meet. You are loud/outgoing/strong and you might feel safe or at home. when in a small or large group of wolfkin.

5:Everyone is different. you may not have great senses or like ppl. you migh tkeep to yourself most of the time (Lone Wolf) But if you just look within yourself and meditate on what animal calls to you (feels the best to look at/be with) then you should be able to put together if your wolfkin or are just simply a dog at heart. 
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